New Creality CR-10 s5 showing 357 deg nozzle temp at power on

  • I recently purchased this printer from MatterHackers along with the Micro-Swiss all metal hot end. After installing the new hot end, plugging back in the printer, and turning it on, the nozzle temp immediately shows 357 degrees.

    I assume this has something to do with the thermistor.

    Does anyone have an idea as to what this indicates the issue is?


  • In general thermistors are resistors that change their value as the temperature changes the board reads that now if you have a short or an open it will read that as a resistance to (either max or min) so my first guess is that you have a short or an open on the thermistor so check your wiring check the little wires that come from the thermistor in the hotend they are usually sleeved so they dont short. (At least on an e3d The 2nd possible thing could be a bad thermistor The 3d a wrong value in the firmware for that thermistor. For example the proper value for an E3D cartridge thermistor is 5 so when I change to that on my chiron I got to change it in the firmware from a 1 to a 5 and also change the max temp. So I hope you did that (whatever the value is) when you upgraded to the microswiss

  • MatterHackers


    Martin is correct in his assessments here.

    That thermistor is not natively capable of reading that temperature so I am inclined to agree with his diagnostic steps.
    Using a Multi Meter set to Ohms, the thermistor should read ~100K at room temperature.

  • @mpirringer Thank you for the reply. I pulled it back apart and noticed that the wire sleeve on one side was pulled back a bit from the bulb. I may have clamped it down to hard and caused the short because of the un-sleeved bit of wire. I carefully replaced the thermistor into the block making sure the ends of the sleeves were in the hole with the bulb, and was careful to only lightly tighten the screw....and it appears to be working fine again. Thank you again!!

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