Got my 2nd printer as a present

  • My daughter got us (me to print for the 1989) another printer. Last year it was a MH PULSE this year its an Anycubic Chiron. The plan is to upgrade it (bought all the parts for an E3D Volcano from Matterhackers). Put it together today and started printing. So far first impressions. Its solid, put together well wiring neat there is one little area that is not perfect but I can manage. All is properly covered and I like the X axis setup with the Dragchain. 24V so the power density is better, Things seem to stick well to their build plate so far. Now One thing I don't like - bed leveling is a pain - well something to work on but it is manageable - even though a pain. All in all so far I am quite happy with it - but then its only 24 hours. Lets hope it stays that way

  • Good luck with it, keep us in touch on how it goes.

  • MatterHackers

    Right on!

    That is so cool to hear!
    I hope you have fun with the machine!

  • So far so good am using Prusa slicer and pronterface am debating if I should give MC a shot at bed leveling which is natively a pain but I might give marlin a shot first after I update the firmware which I got to do anyway as I will install a Volcanoandand some TMCs

  • How do you find the prusa slicer, how does it compare to others.

  • It looks/is like the next release for SLIC3R. What I like about it is that it does Volumetric E and has a lot of options absent from other slicers.

  • Any idea what the supports are like.I will give it a tryout.

  • I guess pretty much the same as SLIC3R. I can't remember the last time I used supports. As its mostly mechanical parts I am printing and as I think 99.99% of what we are printing is designed in house its all designed to print without supports - Sorry. I just know there is an Auto and manual option

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