Argh MC and Fans on the Pulse

  • Dude Mattercontrol is garbage. I finally gave up and request to return my Pulse DXE (which shouldn't have been released to the market anyway) just so that I can get away from mattercontrol. In two months I've had ONE successful dual extrusion print. The entire purpose of buying the DXE was for dual extrusion. Not only that, but single extrusion prints are GARBAGE quality compared to an Ender 3 Pro using Cura. Same items, same settings, the Ender produces a better product... I don't feel it's the hardware though either.

  • I got better prints switching to SLIC3R just use mc for bed leveling if I figure out bed leveling a different way then I'd do it. Its a shame though some good ideas and not so good execution

  • @mpirringer I've looked into using a different slicer but without a decent amount of knowledge with Gcode it seems unlikely to happen with the DXE.

  • This posted into a different thread IDK how that happened so I copy it here

    mpirringer about 2 hours ago

    I could not help you with that as I have not looked into dual extrusion as so far I did not have the need for it. Gcode is not that difficult though I found it not that tough to learn but then I have been a programmer since I learned to program a PDP-9 in high school (they still might have some in some museums) That was in the 70s. Well today I get my 2nd printer and we will see how that works another single extrusion though an Anycubic Chiron which I will modify of the bat to our needs

  • I personally don't find to many problems, as I build my own printers, I learn the problems as I go, so am able to fix them. Buying one off the shelf so to speak, limits one in the little problems that lerk underneath the shell.
    Software is what you make of it. I bought Simplify3D, but found that the only thing I liked was the supports, as far as I can see it's the best around, so as I have mentioned before, I combine this with Matter Control V 1.75, which is a very simple to use program, S3D and Matter Control 2 are becoming to sophisticated, like Windows its a never ending story of updates.
    I have just done another complete rebuild,that makes four, this time with an enclosure, still only a single extrusion, as For what I do that's all I need, I see no point in adding unnecessary gadgets.

  • Well I thought for my first one I get a put together one. IDK where to get version 1.75 I used to have it but I had slicing problems with it too and was told back then by MH get rid of it we replaced it with 2.0 cause it has too many problems. Like now I slice in SLIC3R and that works fine I just need something to apply the bed leveling on the pulse. It has no wheels etc so there is only electronic leveling and G29 returns nothing and does nothing So I either use MC to apply bed leveling to the Gcode or there is none. Been playing with the idea to write a post processing script to apply it for SLIC3R but that takes time - time I don't have if I want the kids of the robotics club get to where I feel they need to get. Maybe some day. Now the idea of having bed leveling applied like that is great I feel its just that they spend so much effort on turning it into autocad or something like that while the slicer part is not really finished. Its kinda like building an engine for a car before you have figured out a way of having the wheels touch the ground at the same time. Learning too and come here mostly to help people going through the same things as me.

  • Strange, I have never had problems with 1.75, except for the crappy supports.
    I am having a problem at the moment, circles and holes don't turn out round, this happens both with S3D and 175 slicers, so it is not that. I have tried many different E steps which make no difference, so I am looking at the build maybe something is amiss there, who knows, spent most of the day trying to correct it, tomorrows another day.

  • I'd print a cube and then measure it with a caliper to see which is off X or Y

  • Yes, I have done that and all measurements are correct, except for the rounded corners, circles, and holes which are not round.
    Something I noticed, there is a lot of movement on the bed via the adjustment springs, perhaps this may be part of the problem, will take a look at this first up.

  • Changed the springs for spacers, did make a very small difference, but not enough, not sure what the problem is, if I print a hole in the vertical position it prints perfectly. Only happens when printed flat on the bed, definitely seems to be an axis problem.

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