K8200 stepper issue

  • I have an old Velleman K8200 printer. It used to run fine and I had no troubles with the x or y movement. As of today, the x stepper motor just jitters when given a move command.
    Here is what I have done to trouble shoot:

    1. Checked the problem with MatterControl (latest) and Repetier (old, but know to work). Both software produce the same problem.

    2. Unhooked the x drive belt from the stepper gear. Problem still persists.

    3. Built a stepper motor / stepper driver tester with an Arduino. Used another stepper and tested all four stepper drivers. They worked perfect. Pulled the x stepper motor off the K8200 and tested. It ran fine with the stepper driver that it used in the printer.

    4. I adjusted the voltage in all the drivers to between 0.55V and 0.6V.

    5. Put everything back in the printer and checked again.

    The only thing I can think now is that the mainboard has an issue. I’m going to check what I can on it.

    Any thoughts about this?

  • MatterHackers

    If the motor is shaking but not moving it's an electrical problem. There is a bad connection on one of the motor wires. Check the connectors and try jiggling the wires.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    When I did step 3 above, I used the wiring from off the printer.
    Tried again and the motor and wiring work fine.

    I am looking a the main board. 5V supply is good, 15V motor supply is good.
    I think I am going to try and look at the DIR and STEP pulses next.

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