Windows 10 update kills drivers

  • I have spent hours on the phone with Microsoft, and frankly the techs don't understand that a 3d printer is not a standard printer install.... the latest Windows Security update keeps wiping out my drivers that will allow my computer to talk to my Creality CR-10 S4. I have the latest drivers, but everytime the update happens to my computer it wipes out my com port 11, USB serial port emulator.... I keep having to restore my pc to an earlier date... does anyone have an idea how to get around this since Microsoft forces the Security update down our throats and the techs won't stop reading off of their scripts... I love using MatterControl, its probably the best software I have found for printing in 3d, but it won't even find my printer once the update happens.... please anyone with an idea around this issue or how to fix this, contact me...

  • Uninstall the last update and halt your updates for 35 days and hope the next update fixes that problem

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