Who does freelance printing?

  • I'm not a 3D printer owner, but I do have some inquiries for everyone here.

    I want to print a 3D head that I and a friend have worked on for awhile now, I have the .stl files and had them printed twice by a company around $150 per print (Maybe around summer 2018), it's the size of a human head (roughly) but the first one, the layer lines were waaaay to thick and unfortunately I think they lied about the size they printed and the 2nd print they did, the layer lines started separating and the back of the head was very roughly glued on though the layer lines were much less noticeable.

    So I was wondering if anyone here takes on 3D printing jobs for a human head size project. I am very new to this 3D print world so I may have questions or help with scaling or various other things, but would love to hire someone to help me print this puppy!

    I'm in Los Angeles, so I can drive to your shop if needed so avoid shipping if possible, or if it's just easier. But if anyone is up for helping me print my head let me know, I hope this section is ok for me to ask for a print, thanks.

  • I am too far away (NJ) But you probably got what you paid for. - human sized head that is about 8 in tall and about 7to 8 wide. That pretty much fills the build volume of a pulse and probably is a bit over a kg of filament which - depending on what it is might eat up 1/2 the 150 bucks. And that is if you don't have a fail unless you use bargain basement filament plus you talk tying up the printer for a couple of days
    This was the first try on something that size and was printed in 2 pieces 720g White and 260g blue its not a human head but a robot head - holes are for leds etc just to make a point. And this is hollow (hence 2 piece) now if you print something that size in one piece you need infill to support the top as the skull probably is round (as a human head) so that should even be heavier and you need a wall of at least 2mm or you are going to get structural problems with overhangs etc (nose, ears, eyebrows) IDK what your head looks like but its a challenging print at any level. This particular one was printed in PETG as its translucent and gives nice effects with the lights. Maybe check out some of the local high schools and see if some students want to take on that project for a donation to their club of choice. We probably would

  • Depending on how its orientation is you might have some serious overhangs. When you print you need supports which require post processing (sanding, grinding etc) if you have overhanges >45 deg. unless it lays flat like a coin you are going to have some serious cleanup to do at the ears and nose and eyebrows etc if you look closely at my version of the head you see the dimples on the chin which are from supports which were cleaned off after that pic was taking

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