what is wrong here

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    Can someone tell what is wrong here, the model should be round, but it is oval. not worried about the quality, as it is a cheap old filament, just did a quick print so I could upload the file.
    Printer is a home built.

  • Looks like your X and Y are "out of sync" On either axis depending on which radius is off the printer thinks it moves lets say 1mm while it actually moves .9 or 1.1 or something like that. Instead off a circle I'd print a cube of know dimensions like 40x40mm and then measure. Could be a setting like steps/mm or something in the gearing/pulley system

  • Thanks for the help, printed a cube as suggested, and found the Y axis to be slightly smaller than the X, So I will take a closer
    look at it and see how w go. Thanks again.

  • yep that fixed it. thanks

  • How about show your home built. Would like to see what you did

  • 0_1562107670917_P1030839.jpg 0_1562107687897_P1030840.jpg

    Ok, here it is, the bed is 300x300. it has two power supplies a 12v 20 amp nd a 24v 24 amp, the 24v is for the bed which uses a Mosfet module to help speed up the heating.
    The control board is inside the black box on top, it has a large fan for cooling.
    I a going to rebuild it very shortly, I am going to make it completely boxed in, so I can use filaments other than PLA.

  • I likr ythat you got 2 power supplies and ample power. For other materials... I found garolite works for everything I tried to print so far. Sometimes a bit of gluestick needed. When you redo it figure on an enclosure it helps a lot with most materials including PLA. ABS. HIPS, PETG, NYLON -guess everything. You might want to replace the PLA pieces with something else when you go to other materials or "Hotprint them" Anneal them while printing them That works on small pieces like this if you crank the bed to 80C + and enclose it - in worst case put a garbage bag over it and then print enough so that the print lasts at least 2hours or longer and then dont touch it until the bed is at room temp. You can test them then and put them in an oven and slowly raise the temp and see the difference.

    Once I got the budget I intent to tackle building one but I will probably try to replace the belts with a 3d printed rack and pinion - why - cause I want to see If I can 3d print one smooth and accurate enough

  • Thanks Mate, I am not sure about the garolite, I would assume that the heatbed would have to be pretty flat, and that's unlikely, unless you attach it on the glass plate, that would be somewhat pointless in my view, I do not have much problem with adhesion, I use hairspray.

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