3D-printed Honda HA-420 HondaJet

  • Hi guys! I just want to share with your my new work.

    The client set a difficult task for me: to create a meter-wide model of the Honda HA-420 HondaJet for the sales office. To do this, I had scanned a small original metal model from the HONDA factory. Thus, I had obtained a 3D model in order to increase it proportionally and create a meter-wide model. I had printed parts of the final model on the 3D printer Hercules Strong 2017 and Picaso Designer X. For this I used ABS plastic from REC. I had processed all the seams on the model with solvents and stitched it up with a Myriwell RP100B 3D pen. After that, I processed the model with sandpaper and painted.

    Also during the process, we put a complete wiring system into the model.

    I made a stand for the model on a SolidCraft CNC-6090 milling machine using 25 mm MDF, and then painted it.

    What do you think about my work? Any comments?

    0_1561738762915_Снимок экрана 2019-06-27 в 17.00.21.png

    0_1561738806802_Снимок экрана 2019-06-27 в 17.00.15.png

    0_1561738827095_Снимок экрана 2019-06-27 в 17.00.43.png

    0_1561738844442_Снимок экрана 2019-06-27 в 17.00.29.png

  • Looks really nice - great job - now lets make it fly (just kidding)

  • Ahah! Thanks a lot! It will be amazing 🙂

    I also found a few photos of 3d-model:

    alt text

    alt text

  • Looks great

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