Fans on Pulse

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    The Prusa also uses the MiniRambo just like the Pulse. And there are suggestions to install a fan especially in the summer with an enclosure. Probably was less an item in the winter as I got the thermostat set to 50 so there is plenty of ambient cooling but now in the summer when it sometimes gets to 90-95 I get concerned. Same holds true for the BondTech stepper on the extruder which BondTech suggests at least a heatsink for so my question to the Pulse-masters

    1.) What fan for the Mini Rambo and where do you connect it?
    2.) Fan or heatsink for the Bondtech motor?

    I am leaning towards a fan on both with their own power source especially as the power brick that comes with the pulse is underpowered (at least according to the manufacturer of the MiniRambo. here where they suggest 16A+ and the pulse supply - at least mine is 15A max so we are already an Amp short without hooking other stuff up to it). So anyone do any tests or evals as to what size fan etc and are there any prints existing that accomodate a fan and fit to either the existing electronics case or the motor on the Extruder.

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    Tempp Solution strap a 6" usb fan to it with a zip tie and plug it into the computer. Really hope someone has a good solution for this or I got to start from scratch

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