• I thought I posted it - this was taken at wheels down about 1 week ago

    Printed in Hobby King Hips solid with enough perimeters to be solid through and through. No wall is thinner than 5.76mm. I think about 3-4kg of filament here printed in about 3.5 days on a MH pulse with a .8 nozzle 100C bed 270 -275 nozzle Volumetric E capped at about 18mm3/sec .96 layer width .32 to .4 layer height. By now it got a bas plate and some electronics. And if the question is why Hobby king HIPS ? prints nice and is $ 12/kg. Actually we just ordered $ 150 worth from their hongkong warehouse at $8/kg. Which should be enough to finish this robot plus some Bridge Nylon we ordered from Matterhackers.

    This is the design/training project for this group of freshmen who want to work as engineers/mechanics on next years team

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