Do not Upgrade to MatterControl 2.19.6 if you want to use gcode files

  • I made the mistake to upgrade to 2.19.6 to give it a try now I got to find a downgrade It was mainly cause I got an email from github stating that the gcode load feature was fixed - now it does not work at all
    As you can see there is a gcode file loaded and whne you want to print it then the print button is missing cause it says the bed is empty.

    I wish someone would actually test this before letting it out into the community. I got a whole team depending on this and right now my pulse of course is down again cause I can't print what needs to be printing the way it needs to be printing. Bad enough I got to use SLIC3R another slicer to get the desired results. Now that is torpedoed too. Please Please until you find a way to make MC work set up an existing working slicer to use in the meantime. Get bed leveling for the pulse working on SLIC3R

    One really unhappy FRC team 1989 asking how we get done in time for our next deadline and ... Well point me to an older version

  • Luckily found the old copy - was going to upload it here but the server refused. They should put a "previous version" button or popup on their website. This is not the first time

  • MatterHackers

    FYI, we just issued a hot fix for the G-Code bug.

    Thanks for reporting this. The development team really appreciates all of your support.

    We run several thousand tests before each release, amazingly this was not one of them. It has been added to the test protocol.

  • Yeah I know how that goes. I have been building industrial controllers in the lat 70s through the mid 90s and then written software for anyone willing to pay until I retired recently and now am working with FRC team 1989 at the local HS. I just want that thing to work all the time as it is our only printer atm. And I know we are probably pushing it a bit beyond what it was intended to do even though according to sales it can do way more. But for when the software works and something don't break we are running 4-7 kg of filament a week through that thing (mostly HIPS, ABS, Nylon.... PETG in that sequence of quatity). you probably seen some of the things I posted. What I'd really like is a failsafe. That you put up a version somewhere to fall back on. 2.19.2 was at least workable for us with a little help from SLIC3R. And we have already come to accept that at that usage and running it 24/7 at temps between 270 and 280 you kill a thermistor every 6 to 8 weeks and a heater cartridge every 3 months would be nice if you'd find a way to but some higher rated thermistor/heater cartridges into the V6 on a pulse but thats another subject I guess

    It does print nice benchies and Astronaut Phils in PLA though

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