MCv2.19.6 - Weird driver conflict?

  • Running on an older Windows 10 PC with touchscreen, to Rostock Max v2.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Load file and print. Right after GCode loads, display flickers and goes dark. Printer begins to print, and 15-20 seconds after starting, stops printing (with hot end in mid-print on print bed). PC display shows the "nvlddmkm.sys" NVIDIA driver error.

    After uninstalling and reinstalling that driver, same thing happens. Tried with several different files, thinking size of the file might have caused memory issues - no difference. Has anyone else seen this problem?

  • Please post if you find a way to resolve this as I will hold off upgrading for a while now as the current setup kinda works and I need to print stuff as soon as the hotend arrives

  • On advice from the good folks at Computer Concepts (Bothell WA), disabled the NVIDIA graphics driver and ran the PC using the native VGA driver. Display was somewhat distorted, but MC didn't crash the PC and did complete the print. However, the MC window turned black except for the title bar, and the app was unusable (for checking temps, progress, etc.) otherwise.

    My eventual fix was to switch to another Windows PC, this one without an NVIDIA graphics card, and MC works OK. Thanks to the bare-minimum Intel HD driver, graphics are on the jaggy side. Slow refresh of the MC window is an issue after the print starts. But - just finished a couple of 6-hour prints without issues. YMMV.

  • Thanks I tried it and it did not load gcode - luckily I had a copy of the previous version in the download folder....

  • MatterHackers

    FYI, we just issued a hot fix for the G-Code bug.

    Thanks for reporting this. The development team really appreciates all of your support.

    We run several thousand tests before each release, amazingly this was not one of them. It has been added to the test protocol.

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