How Do I transfer a G-Code File to my Monoprice Mini Delta?

  • Hi, I just got a monoprice mini delta 3d printer and it worked perfect for the test print and it's my first day using it. I created a G-Code file. Can someone please tell me how I transfer the G-Code file to my printer while I have my usb cord connected from my printer to my iMac? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Your printer came with a software to control it and to slice it so there should be a profile with it. Not familiar with your particular setup But I believe Mattercontrol has some Monoprice printers in it. Now IDK if mattercontrol works on an iMac. So you would go through the connect section of the program. Whatever you used to create the gcode file should have a printer connect feature and hopefully a profile for your printer

  • It seems that my Cura needs the "Save To Removable Drive" option. However, when I use Cura, there is no option like this. Instead there's a "Save To File" option. Why is this?

  • If you have it set like that then it expects you to save it to the SD card. I don't have a Mac but you either set the printer up directly and it should find it (at least in windows) or you save it to the SD card and then print from the SD card

  • @mpirringer
    I want to save my file to my SD card, however I can't because the printer came with a micro sd card and there is no slot to put a micro sd card in, in the mac.

  • There should have been a microSD to SD adapter with it - if not you can get one at Walmart they sometimes have it sometimes you have to buy a new microSD card. If you do get one that is 16Gb or smaller as not all printers can read higher volume cards. If you do not have an SD card slot on your computer then you need to buy a USB to SD adapter at either walmart or target or best buy or staples etc then you got that adapter plug into your computers usb port and the (micro)SD card in the adapter

  • @mpirringer
    Thanks, I bought the adapter at Walgreens and now I'm able to move files from my iMac to my printer. I have a new question now. How do I make g-code that is compatible with my monoprice mini delta? Because I used Cura 4 to convert an stl file into a g code file and then when I ran the g code on my printer, the print head started ramming itself into the bottom and side. How do I set up g code that will run smoothly with my monoprice mini delta? Thanks.

  • I don't think I can be of much help there as I do not have that printer. But it sounds to me like your Z-offset is off. I'd level the bed and then start at maybe 0 and work myself up or down with the Z-offset until I get a good first layer.

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