Bumblebot wheels down

  • Our freshmen got to "wheels down" with the beginning of their 3DP robot. Bumble bot due to the colors0_1559611574188_20190603_170222[1].jpg
    30x30 inch Printed from Hobby king HIPS solid. So far about 3kg of filament Print time about 2 days (in sections but the printer ran non stop
    Printer used: MH Pulse with E3D V6 0.8 nozzle and garolite build plate
    Filament used: Hobby King HIPS ($12/kg, 275 nozzle, 100 bed 18.5mm3/sec Volumetric E. sliced on SLIC3R .96mm layer width .4mm layer height. No supports, No infill 9 perimeters so every part is solid plastic wall to wall

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