Retraction issue

  • On some of my prints ive noticed it does not retract in areas where it should.

    minimum travel requiring retraction is set at .3 and retract when changing islands is checked. Any ideas?

  • MatterHackers

    That depends a lot on where it is not retracting, it is possible that it is a bug but we need to look at some G-Code to be sure.

    Could you update MatterControl to the newest version and try the print again?

  • @grc said in Retraction issue:


    Look into minimum extrusion required for retraction.
    I set mine to 0 so it will retract strictly based on distance traveled.

    If i set it to 10mm of extrusion, even if travel is far enough, it will not retract because it has not extruded 10mm PRIOR to that move.
    See ?
    I hope that helps.

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