Inconsistent First Layer

  • I purchased the Pulse XE and haven't been able to get a good first layer across the entire bed. I have the BuildTak FlexPlate upgrade and am printing PLA. I have done 10x10 mesh and 100 point bed leveling with no success. I have also leveled the X axis using a leveling post to the rods. Below is an example of the inconsistent first layers:
    0_1556572061786_pulse xe.png
    I did receive the printer damaged and had to replace parts so I'm not sure if something is out of alignment or not.
    Any suggestions? I'm using MatterControl 2.0.

  • I use 3x3 leveling on my pulse and that works fine. If you leveled right it seems to me that something must be loose or broken. I would go over the printer and see if anything "wiggles"

  • Thanks for the suggestion. So far it seems that the right screw/rod was out of alignment and that the motor was loosing steps from binding. I'm adjusting the brackets to align the rods to the screws. Hope this fixes it.

  • Hmm...Z axis rods and leadscrews aligned and X axis leveled but still inconsistent first layer. Uuuugh!

  • Maybe check the bed if the Z and X was out of allignment maybe you got a problem on the Y too. If you bed level successfully and then it does not work it means somthing got to be loose and you are not printing from SD I assume cause if you export to SD and have the "include bed leveling" unchecked it wont include bed leveling Whereas you always get it when printing tethered to the PC Also if you exported the gcoded with bed leveling and then you import that gcode it will apply bed leveling again which will make a mess. Also if its a removable build plate and you level one way and then put it on 180 degrees flipped I assume this could throw your leveling off. If you have a BL touch I found I got better results doing a 3x3 manually. I have stopped using the BL touch after I broke 3 legs and got tired buying a new one. To manually level uncheck "has probe" in the printer settings and then do it with a piece of paper . HTH

  • @mpirringer , Thanks for the info. I'm printing directly through USB so it always runs the leveling with the probe. I will try flipping the build plate. Thanks again.

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