PLA clogging after 2-3 layer.

  • So I have used my printer quite a bit and mostly printed abs. I printed pla a long time ago but have since changed out ALOT of parts.

    I have printed a test cube that is about 1 x 2 x 3 inches. It prints just fine. Then with the exact same sliver setting I try and print another not so symmetric part and it clogs after about 2-3 layers.

    To fix the clog I have to pull the filament from the hot end and then just put it back in and it feed filament right through it.

    I have tried different retraction lengths, temps, speeds. I’m at a loss of what to do now.

  • Hey

    I had this happen on some clear PLA I was using. Completely clogged my extruder. Check your bed to make sure it's 100% level and maybe adjust your Z offset a bit. There's a bed level test you can get from thingiverse where it prints small squares across the whole length of the bed. Bed Levelling Test-Thingiverse. I just increased the height of it, as 0.1 is too low. I made the test pattern about 2-3mm in height so I could adjust the bed while it printed.

    I'm hesitant to use this clear PLA i have as it's happened 2-3 times now. Yet if I swap to a different filament (say white or black), it's perfect.

    Maybe try a different colour.


  • I have two other colors of the same pla. I will give them a shot

  • So I tried switching to a different color pla and the first print I thought it was going to finish with problem solved but then it got clogged again. I stopped it and raised the temp about 10° and got clogged after 3 layers. I have tried temps between 235 and 180. No change.

  • Hey

    Depending on your hot end, you might need to take it apart and change the PFTE tube, extruder head and also clean the cog that feeds it in. I've had to do that once before.


  • I find PLA clogs with humidity. Try storing in ziplock with dessicants (I take used ones out of vitamin bottles, etc).

  • So I found out that the ptfe lined heatbreak was in fact not actually ptfe lined. I was getting heat creep up the filament. Swapped it for a ptfe lined heatbreak and all is well. Thank you everyone for your replies.

  • Glad you have it sorted.


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