Reaching out to other users

  • Hello!
    I wanted to connect with other Raise3D printer users... I'm kinda looking for a mentor of sorts.

    I have just started using the Pro2 Plus and wanted to learn any tips and tricks in general and those particular to the P2Plus and the Idea Maker software.

    Here is my first print, I printed the fully functional crescent wrench from Thingiverse.
    Please feel free to reach out anytime0_1554128655025_00A78DA6-075F-4695-8C19-647FA9DEDA61.jpg

  • MatterHackers

    Hi there @duoltd3d

    Thanks for joining the community, you are in a bit of luck as I know the Raise systems quite well. Your first print does look quite good and in your case, I think that it would be best if you just let us know when you had any questions. I always try to pop in here every day or so to help out and offer up answers on some issues.

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