extrusion calibration

  • I have tried to watch videos but none of them fully show the process with a BondTech Extruder. I take the tube out of the hotend side and cut the filament flush with the tube, insert it back into the hot end and extrude 100mm, then take out the tube and measure the amount that is sticking out the tube. I have done this several times and have put in the new setting a few different times for the stepper motor and go back and take the tube out after running another 100mm and its still the same length, no matter how much I change that Stepper motor value it is the same about at the end of the tube when removed. Is this wrong.

  • MatterHackers

    When it comes to setting up the calibration, you do not need to put the PTFE tube back on the system, all you need to do is extrude the 100mm and measure it before cutting flush for another test.

    When uploading the new values, did you run the M500 command to save the new settings to the firmware?

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