Mattercontrol 2.0.x - Nozzle Diameter Setting?

  • Noticed something today when I went to switch one of my Robo 3D R1+'s over to a 0.2mm nozzle.

    In MC 1.7.x, you could set the Nozzle Diameter in either Quality or Material and have settings that affected it.

    Now, the nozzle diameter is no longer configurable in either of those menus. It's now in "Printer", which is not a drop-down enabled configuration section.

    Is this going to come back, or do I have to have different "Printers" for each nozzle diameter (or change it manually?)

  • MatterHackers

    For the moment, we are going to keep the nozzle diameter selection in the "Printer" tab under "Extruders". The function of the option works the same but it is just in a different tab than 1.7.

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