• I recently bought and Ender 3 a few weeks ago and am finding that I can't level the print bed for the life of me. I checked to see if the X-Axis was not level and when put to a level it's off slightly, PIC attached.

    I used a bed leveling program from here. When I check online to see what is the right amount of resistance between the nozzle and the bed all I really see is enough to where the nozzle is pulling on the paper but is there anything more concert or foolproof?. After I level the bed to where I think there is enough resistance then I try to print a Benchy and what comes out is nothing all. All that shows is what looks like lines of the nozzle going against the glass but there is enough resistance for paper to pass through.

    At first I though my bed might have been bowed but I know that recently changed to glass which should have automatically fixed the issue. I looked online and saw that what might be causing this is if there is play in the bed. I checked and there is very little play in the bed you have to apply face to wobble the bed. To anyone who sees this if you have any advice as to what might cause it is appreciated.

  • @nmicciola to further what I am saying

    X-AXIS level
    alt text

    alt text

    trying to upload videos of issues

  • @nmicciola
    Link to me Bed Leveling:

    To fix this issue I recently bought a TH3D auto beveling kit help with this.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @Nmicciola

    Thanks for posting up here and hanging out. It looks like you have an idea in that the gantry is at fault but you are approaching the situation all wrong. First off, we do not ever use a Bubble Level to level out a printer. The reason for this is that we are actually trammeling the print head to the bed of the printer. This is basically a reference of the nozzle being level to the bed. What you have measured is the gantry of the print head being level to the ground (gravity) and the bed, in this case, may still be out of level even if you did account for the offset.

    So what you need to do for this printer is actually tighten the screws on the left side of the gantry so that the cantilever side does not droop as much when the print head moves across.

    Using an auto bed leveling system will help as well but it will not resolve the root cause in this case.

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