stringing on new Pulse XE

  • I just got my Pulse XE and am printing a few things and everything I have printed has lots of stringing, I have tried to adjust the Z axis but its not working. Any ideas of what to check as this is my first 3d printer and I am new to this. I am using MatterControl with it.



  • MatterHackers

    Hi @erievon

    Being that you just received the XE, you are likely using the NylonX that came with the machine, if I am correct, you should dry the NylonX in the PrintDry before use for at least 6 hours. Nylon absorbs moisture from the air and unfortunately, it does this before our factory can package the filament so even though the bag may have been sealed the filament has likely already absorbed moisture.

    The moisture will cause the filament to constantly extrude and look porous. Drying it will improve the part quality in terms of strength and visual aesthetics. If I am off base here please let me know but this is the most likely thing I would expect based off the information provided.


  • @michael-petitclerc

    I have yet to try the NylonX just practicing with PLA PRO and every calibration test in MatterControl has major stringing and oozing with PLA. Im still playing around but have yet to get a clean print.

  • MatterHackers

    Hmh, that is odd for sure. Just to be sure, you are using the PLA profile associated with the material, Build or PRO, right?

    I would say from there if you are still getting stringing on your stock settings to upload some pictures of the prints so I could have a look? It may help me figure out what could be going on. In some cases, I would just toss our "Just say no to oozing" guide but I think it is not really necessary just yet.

  • here are some prints, I have yet to get anything good since I have had it, so I am not sure how someone was able to print the test print that was on the bed when I purchased it as it wont print any of the test calibrations without major fails. Here are some photos to see what I mean.
    A Micro all in one test
    A Benchie test
    A circle test from mattercontrol![0_1552953026142_WIN_20190318_16_45_47_Pro.jpg](Uploading 100%)
    I have tried most of the calibration tests within mattercontrol with no luck too.
    0_1552953036196_WIN_20190318_16_46_00_Pro.jpg ![0_1552953042614_WIN_20190318_16_46_05_Pro.jpg](Uploading 100%) 0_1552953050113_WIN_20190318_16_46_12_Pro.jpg ![0_1552953056526_WIN_20190318_16_46_22_Pro.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • 0_1552953087049_WIN_20190318_16_47_27_Pro.jpg ![0_1552953096490_WIN_20190318_16_47_20_Pro.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • it wont let me load more than 2 pictures sorry.

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  • I have watched a few videos thinking the retraction speed and extruder calibration was off. After watching the videos and checking setting it still wont print anything. I have move photos but since im new it will only let me load 1 - 2 pictures then I have to wait.


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  • MatterHackers

    Hey @erievon

    Please give us a call or drop us an email, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. There has been a lot going on in the office recently and my view of this community lapsed a bit.


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