no support ground up only, heat bed bad plug or pad?

  • i use support alot only i don't want to support everywhere only the ground to the first point not everywhere. am i missing something i can no longer find this option i had to go back and load the older firmware for now until this is fixed. please help if you can. now 2nd my heat bed is out i need a replacement heat pad for the robo 3dr plus. and the plug that connects the pad to the printer needs replaced they all have burned up on every printer i have head about of this version. faulty plug so do you have a replacement for this?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @tommy2toes

    Our support option has changed a bit but we still have the same old "From Bed" option, you just need to go to the Yellow box and click the drop-down menu to see it.

    alt text

    For the plug on your print bed, I do not have much advise for this other than replacing the bed and the cables connected to the connection that shorted out. I would not recommend holding onto any of the parts that were charred in the fault.

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