Matter Control won't Communicate

  • I put a new Control Board in my Prusa i3 Clone. I went from version 1.2 MKS to version 1.4 MKS. The problem is the Printer won't Communicate with the Software? It is on Port #5. And is set right in Matter Control. I assume the Firmware was preloaded by the Vendor!111 Any suggestions?

  • Hey

    Do you have any other software installed? I have MakerWare installed which runs a background service. If this is running, then I cannot connect to my printer via MatterControl. I have to open MakerWare and select: Stop background services.

    Other thing to try would be to use the old firmware of 1.2. Can you upgrade to 1.3?

    When i upgraded my makerbot clone from 2.2 to 2.5 it crapped itself. Blank screens, runaway heat on bed. It was only until i put sailfish on it, did it settle down.

    Just my 2 cents


  • MatterHackers

    In the device manager of your computer, what exactly is being shown on COM Port 5? Does it show a printer or board version or is it just a COM connection?

    Did you also set your Baud rate on the software to match that of the new board?

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