CnC Router soft ware

  • Hi I know this is not 3D printing BUT I figure some of you just might know what I don't. I have a cheap after market GRBL Router & a home brew using a RAMPS board system. & I know little about the soft ware for it I use fusion 360 for my design work and tooling set ups. I want to use the "universal G code sender to finish up please Help! Having a tough time getting it down loaded and set up please help

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    Hey @Cardman58

    I apologize for the delay here, I have been taking care of other matters here so my attention to this forum is not up to what I would normally expect it to be.

    Unfortunately, I do not have much experience in the setup of custom CNC routers. I know that some of our users here have been trying to set up custom machines as well. Where about are we stuck at in the system at the moment?

  • I use Ramps 1.4 with Fusion360 post process and MARLIN firmware not GRBL. Works great.

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