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  • Hi, I have a Makerbot that I connect to via intranet/hawking print server. I can not get Mattercontrol to find the printer. When I "connect" is only sees COMM11. Generally any program I have used just see's the print server and what ever is connected USB to the print server. I would appreciate any suggestions or if it is even possible to connect via Print Server. Thanks

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    Hey @georgecollins

    Unfortunately I have not dealt with a "Hawkings Server" setup before, nor have my colleges that I talked to. I am going to go with that there are communication issues with the printer to Mattercontrol because of the middleman server you have set up.

    I do not have a reasonable solution for this set up and maybe my dev team does, if you reach out to them at the GitHub they may be able to give you an idea as to how to set the printer up on the server or where to look.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  • Thanks, generally any device I have put on the print server/ camera/ printer/ 3dprinter, trying to remember the other things, they all seem to be found as a USB attached device. Thanks I will reach out to them.

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