How do I subtract one piece from another?

  • This is a total newbie question but I can't figure it out and I can't find it anywhere in any help/manual (maybe someone could point me to a place where I could look it up).

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    Hey @alanc1d

    Here is a useful Gif we have on subtracting the STL's from each other.

    alt text

  • I have followed the same steps but my part will not subtract from the other. I'm still left with both parts.

  • Follow the same steps. The parts become one selectable unit after I hit update. The only difference I can see it your print button is blue and mine is red.

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    I think we need to see what is going on, I have at least 3 people across the different areas I cover saying the function is not working but I have not been provided screen shots or video to show what is happening. I would also ask if it is being attempted with the primitives or other STL's.

    The Print button being Red is going to be because of the color scheme that is selected in the MatterControl Settings. My preference is Modern Dark. You may have Classic Dark set up. You can also adjust the accent colors in each theme above the theme selection. (AAAAAAANNNNNND now it is set to Orange because I did not think to change it)

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