Best 3D for Elementary School STEM Lab

  • I have a number of 3D printers at home (CR10, Ender 3, Printrbot, MP Select Mini), so I have some experience assembling, troubleshooting, and printing. My wife’s school is putting together a STEM lab, and they want to have at least one 3D printer. I’m trying to figure out what a good 3D printer would be, assuming there won’t be any printer experts at the school. Needs to be a reliable, and relatively easy to use device. I don’t know the budget, I’ll assume a range from $800 to $1000. Any thoughts?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @Mojeska

    It brings us joy to hear that there are more and more schools adopting STEM and STEAM programs. Those kinds of programs are what got some of us through school!

    I like to recommend the Creality machines like the CR-20 as they are really cost efficient and for the most part simple to use.

    The CR-10's are always a good choice as well with them being more basic in terms of options. Our Sales team does know where schools tend to lean to in terms of printers better than I do though. I might recommend to give them a call for just gathering information.

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