Has my board died?

  • I have just gotten a FLSUN big delta printer. It printed a few times, then I had trouble getting the temperature to drop on the plate, and it started acting weird. Now we cannot connect via USB, and the control screen works only somewhat. It won't respond to multiple presses of the down button, only responds if we make it go up first.

    It doesn't seem like anything is physically broken. But definitely with the USB not connecting anymore there's something wrong.

    What do you think?

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    @livid said in Has my board died?:

    physically broken. But d

    Hey @livid

    While I am not too familiar with that printer I would say that it is possible that the touch screen could have the control board embedded directly and this might be the cause of your issues. I would check all connections on the printer control board and touch screen and from there see if you can get a replacement board.

    It is possible that this is a grounding issue as some touch screens on printers have had the same issue's and I found more often that if the screen was not broken it was simply not grounding it's self.

    Again, all shots in the dark here but maybe a good starting point.

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