3D printer is printing ovals

  • I am new to 3D printing and I just got a FlashForge Finder. I noticed that it wasn't printing circles correctly, but it was printing ovals! FlashForge said I needed to align the x and the y axis. So I did that and it's still printing the same way! Not sure what else to do.

    alt text

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @DJWalrino

    It is tough to say what the exact problem is going based off of one picture but I will give it a shot. The first question I have is, have you been watching to see what the printer is doing during the print? I know we can see the exact output of the printer but if you watch it, do you hear anything or seen anything out of place?

    If you were to print a cube you would be able to measure out the exact X and Y dimensions which would help with finding the solution.

    I have not cracked open a Finder in a good long while but I recall them having some couplers holding the X and Y axis rods on the motor shafts, these could be loose. So lets see what the Cube shows and from there we will know a bit more.

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