Help choosing best $3-5k Printer

  • Hi. I live on a small island so trying things out and shipping both play a factor in choosing equipment. I’m experienced in 3D work, woodcraft and general “making”. Would like a quality machine for 1 off prototyping, machining parts for workshop and making props for theater. I’m willing to invest once on a quality (let’s say a Not ‘beginners’ unit) rather than dealing with a starter machine and realizing 6 months in it can’t do what I need. With shipping cost etc, I’ve always gone by the idea “buy the second or third machine you’ll need, not the first”. I’ve heard great things about this community and would love your input.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @Ashorething

    Thanks for dropping into our forums, I would actually recommend dropping us an email at as our sales team will be able to assist you in determining the best machine for you with consideration of shipping cost. We can check the shipping cost of the machines as we determine the best suited one for your use.

    Depending on volume of print area you are looking for we have a rather good range of printers for someone who is looking for more of an advanced setup. Not to be too biased but the Pulse printers are really nice and a good value for their cost. Not to mention that you can customize it to fit your needs so long as you stay in the same build form factor.

    Let us know what your requirements are, I hope we are able to find a good fit for your needs!

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