What causes the popping sound when filament gets extruded manually?

  • I extruded two 10 mm long pieces of 1.75mm ABS using the manual extruder controls (E+) in MatterControl. I noticed twice a popping sound. It sounded like the popping of tiny air balloons. I looked at the filament and found two tiny knots in it. I think that air got into the extruding material. Are the air inclusions in the raw material filament or do they get mixed in during fast extrusion?

  • This is fairly common. In some cases the filament may have air bubbles in it. You can check by slicing it in a few random spots to see if you find any. But usually its just some moisture boiling off. All plastics are hygroscopic to varying degrees (which means they absorb moisture from the atmosphere). ABS is moderately prone to this and some bubbling/popping is typical on older spools. It may affect the texture of your prints, but is otherwise nothing to worry about.

  • i find with certain poor quality filament the moisture content is very high, this will steam and pop a lot, but if you do want to use it,i find if i slow down the print speed to 20% and heat up to 240 and walk away... tbh rather get some pla.

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