Infill, radial type selection suggestion

  • could you look at maybe implementing a type of radial infill /fill for printing larger diameter items like a bezel as in picture?

    where the infill will follow from the center of the item?

    its frustrating that there is limited options for this type of printing when the first layer is important as a bezel print where all eyes are on it?

  • Thanks for your input!

    It's something we've definitely thought about and looked into. Implementation of what you're describing would be a lot more difficult than it seems, but addressing first layer fill for a better look is definitely on the long list of things to do.

    Perhaps we can revisit this after the next version is released near the end of September.

  • MatterHackers

    It's not quite radial but "Concentric" is an option we have and it matches the shape of the object. Examples:

    Alternatively, are you perhaps requesting that this kind of infill be on the bottom/top layers?

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