What are the most common issues with printing filaments?

  • Z3D is an aspiring product development team from Taipei, Taiwan, centered around 3D printing filaments. We are all passionate about 3D printing but have experienced annoying issues such as stringing, layer shifting, and weak infills. We hope to develop better and stronger filaments for this inspiring community.

    What issues do you face the most?

    In addition, please fill out this survey here regarding your experiences with different filaments. Thank you so much!

  • Check out Matter Control Guide on layer Shifting,


    If you can give some more info on your printer and settings, and what filament you are using?

    Get the y axis to move back and forth 100mm a few times,

    Gently resit the bed on the edge as it moves toward you, if the motor ratat's the the above guide will set you on the right path,

    if the motor current is too low the motors will skip steps.

    The stringy bits might be the temperature is too high. - need more info

    weak infills could be a number of reasons.

    1: extrusion amount? do the extrusion calibration, this is very important.

    2: the over lap option ( setting if using matter control) see pic

  • Here is the link to Matter Guide on layer shifting


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