Shifting layers Plus

  • I have tried it with several programs and all have the same problems.

    firstly, I printed a model and found that though it looked fine on the screen it printed out mirrored, the print was fine.

    But, when I mirrored it back and tried to print it again the printer just went funny, started to shift layers.

    I have tried several things to try and right it.

    Checked for belt slip, fine

    checked for over heating motor drivers, fine, have a fan in place.

    changed the bearings on the X axis.

    Also tried slowing the printing speed, but that seemed to make the shifting happen earlier in the print..

    not sure what else to try. Any one have anything further I can try..

  • Could be acceleration setting is too high. It's set either in EEPROM or firmware, depending on your printer.

  • Thanks Ryan,

    A question, if it were to do with acceleration, would this not happen at the very beginning of the print and not wait until it was about 20mm height.?

  • Depending on the geometry of the print, perhaps not. But it's probably more likely that a poor acceleration setting would show itself earlier on instead of waiting 20 layers. Maybe @unlimitedbacon has an idea.

  • I don't think it would necessarily happen at the start of a print. It could just be that it takes it a while to get to the right kind of move that causes the skipping.

  • Thanks both,

    can you suggest a figure to start with.

    At the moment, print speed is 3800, and excelleration is 4000.

    I am using an i3.

  • Print speed is 3800 mm/s? That seems astronomically high, and I'm willing to bet that isn't right. Normal print speeds are ~10-50 mm/s.

    Acceleration should probably be more like 3000. Start with that and adjust from there.

  • Thanks Ryan,,

    I changed those figures, but didn't seem to make much difference, but I did notice something while trying other things, it did not take much to slow the X axis Motor, by just holding a finger on the pully very lightly made it shift considerably, this does not seem right, should I increase the current.

  • There are instructions here for tuning the motor current, if you want to give it a shot.

  • Never did find the cause, but in the mean time I have changed over from the 5mm threaded rods to lead screws, and have added belt tentioning, and all is fine.

    But thanks to all who tried to help.

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