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    Hey, Dave here from MatterHackers.

    This category is a great place for you to introduce yourself, what types of machine(s) you are using and for what. Here are some of the basics everyone may want to know about you,.

    • Name: Dave Gaylord
    • Location: Southern California, USA
    • Printer(s): SeeMeCNC RostockMAX, Orion, Make-it
    • Years 3D printing: 12 years
    • Background: Mechanical/Biomedical Engineer who loves tinkering in my garage. Have had some success with product development of consumer products and R&D for large, corporate medical device companies.
    • Reason for interest in 3D Printing: Prototyping, fixing things, and making functional parts
    • Favorite Cereal: Wheetabix
    • Anything else interesting!

    I want to take a moment to thank you for stumbling upon the MatterHackers forum and contributing to the betterment of 3D printing. This space will grow and develop into a place for people to gather and learn more about 3D printing. The hope is that this becomes knowledge base and a broad platform for all involved in 3D printing (and those looking to get into the technology) to share your experiences with the intent of providing information for others to succeed with the technology.

    Anything at all we can help with please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

    All the best,

    Dave Gaylord

    Director of Marketing at MatterHackers

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    • Name: Lars Brubaker
    • Location: Lake Forest, California, USA
    • Printer(s): Cupcake, Thing-o-matic, Mendel90, Other
    • Years 3D printing: 5 years
    • Background: Started writing video games in HS. After graduating from UCI got a job at Interplay, then Logicware, then started Reflexive Entertainment as CEO. Ran the company for a long time before I stumbled on 3D printing and RepRap. Started MH in 2011.
    • Reason for interest in 3D Printing: It's gonna change the world and I want to be in on that!
    • Favorite Cereal: Currently (it changes every 6 months or so) - Honey Bunches of Oats

    I want to be a part of the future of digital manufacturing.

    A part of the molecular and nano-fabrication that will reshape the world.

    Building with atoms - trees do it, our bodies do it, and soon our machines will too.

  • Hi, my name is Ernie Hatt.

    Location. Rothwell, Queensland, Australia.

    Printer. Prusa i3, built from a kit, not a very good one.

    Time in 3D printing, just 1 year.

    Background. Retired, worked in the construction industry all my life( Ceramic Tiler )..

    Interest.High Speed Photography, Electronics.Ham Radio.

    Into 3D printing , to keep the grey matter running smoothly.

    Don't eat breakfast.

    • Name: Ryan Lutz (pronounced with a long U)
    • Location: Orange, California
    • Printer(s): Rostock MAX V2, Ultimaker2, MAKEiT
    • Years 3D printing: 1-2
    • Background: Hospitality major and tech enthusiast turned professional maker/fixer.
    • Reason for interest in 3D Printing: Subsidization of projects, custom parts for fixing stuff, learning CNC
    • Favorite Cereal: n/a... I make a breakfast burrito every morning!
    • Interests: Travel, satire, audiovisual arts, music

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