I got an interesting one ..

  • Ever since I got my Taz 6 Ive always printed with PLA , I recently got a roll of abs and experimented with a few models ,, I love this stuff BTW .

    Anyway ever since I used the ABS material my printer just doesn't want anything to do with PLA again lol ..

    It just jams up in the heat break and starts grinding filament , Ive experimented with retraction settings , temperatures , speeds , layer heights ???

    Nothing seems to work , I thought I would try and put the ABS back in and its printing like a champ , No problems at all ..

    Has anyone here experienced this ?? Or is it the machine just likes this new material and doesn't want anything to do with PLA ever again ??

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @907jon

    I am sorry for us getting to this one so late but hopefully the information I am providing will be useful to others in the future! So this kind of issue is most of the time caused by the previously loaded material is not heating up to temp fully causing a slight blockage and excess pressure in the hotend results. In turn this will cause the feed system to grind up the material. To resolve this we would normally recommend to purge the ABS out with a cold pull which you can find the instructions for here.

    Give these a shot if you still run into issues or feel free to reach out to us.


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