Download Material Presets

  • Are there any preset material settings files from MatterHackers to download into MatterControl. It would be much easier than looking up the suggested filament settings on the website and inputting it into MC.

  • MatterHackers

    @gkawkes There are material presets for most printers on the list. Some are more robust than others and usually depends on the printer's use history.

  • There are no presets if your Printer is not in the list!!!
    My anycubic is not in the list!! So.... I have to set up every Material by myself!!!
    That was the KO for MatterControl!!!
    Prusaslicer or Cura are much easier to use.
    I never had so much Problems running such a Programm than MatterControl!!

    Matercontrol wants to be able to do everything, but it is far too complicated.

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