Could use some help with making successful prints

  • Any help or suggestions are welcome - I can't say I'm having great luck printing parts and them turning out as I'd like. This part was only half way through it's print.

    ABS 235C

    Bed 80

    speeds 50 perimeter, 60 infill (basically the default that came with MatterControl 1.5 or ABS)

    This part is 9.5" by 6.5" and printing it flat still caused the corners to curl up.

    Any help or advice will help me understand better instead of wasting time and plastic making more ABS juice material.

  • administrators

    Large ABS prints are hard. Is that ABS juice your are using on the bed or glue stick? If its the juice you are already on the right track. You can try bumping up your bed temperature a little, to 90 or 100 C.

    The other thing you should do is put your printer in some kind of an enclosure to keep it warm. Something as simple as a cardboard box will do. This will help a lot with the layer seperation, like you are seeing on the left side. When we do this it usually gets to 100 - 110 F inside the box.

  • I am curious here, now I have not used ABS, but reading on the acetone bottle, it clearly states that it should not be used near a spark, naked flame, or heat source, is it dangerous using it for printing especially that you are suggesting covering it in to keep the heat up.

  • The idea is that the acetone evaporates almost immediately, leaving a film of ABS on the surface of your bed. The temperatures involved in 3D printing are not nearly high enough to ignite it anyways.

  • Thanks for putting me straight here

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