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    How to use the MatterHackers Forum:

    Welcome to the New MatterHackers Forum - your destination for all things 3D Printing.

    We hope this is a reliable place for users to share about their 3D printing experiences. The goal is to have constructive feedback, share stories, tips and of course hacks. From time to time the MatterHackers Crew will chime in to answer questions or provide expert feedback. Here is a quick guide for how to get started using the forum. Please also review our Forum Rules before posting.

    1. Single MatterHackers Login
      • Login to your MatterHackers account to begin posting on the forum. Within the MatterHackers domain you only need to be signed in once.
    2. Start a Topic
      • To start a new topic click the ‘New Topic’ button.
      • Create a relevant and concise title
      • Add images or videos (a picture is worth 1,000 words).
    3. Reply
      • We want your contribution to each page!
      • Hit the ‘Reply’ button and let's hear from you.
    4. Upvote/Downvote
      • UpVote topics and responses that are helpful or relevant.
      • DownVote comments that are not helpful
    5. Tags
      • Tags are used to categorize and cross reference topics that are not important enough to deserve their own subforum. Please try to use existing tags. If you feel the need to invent a new one, try to think of something that may be used by others in the future. The moderators will often add or remove tags from posts in order to keep things organized.
    6. Mentions
      • You can mention other users within a post by using @[username].
    7. Posting Images
      • You can upload images directly to the forum. Maximum file size is 50 MiB and they will automatically be scaled to the width of the forum.
      • If you are having trouble with uploading, you can always use an image hosting service like Imgur.
      • To embed external images, use the HTML button (<>) and add an img tag like so...
      <img src="">
    8. Profiles
      • Update your profile so other users can get to know you. You are also encouraged to make a post in the Welcoming Party, to introduce yourself.
      • Your avatar is pulled from Gravatar, if you have one. If not, you can upload an image. Recommended dimensions are 128x128. Max size is 2 MiB.
    9. Contact

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