White Pro PLA too soft?

  • I've been trying to print a large moon (from Thingiverse) and I am using the MatterHacker's white pro PLA filament. So far whenever I get a few hours into the print the filament no longer feeds through the extruder because it has gotten "eaten" by the gear that pulls it down into hot end. I tried this three times with the same result. You can see in the image where the filament was gouged. I am using a Lulzbot TAZ 6 and the extruder is set to 195 C. I tested with some other PLA and I don't run into this issue. Should I drop the temp down for white PLA? What would be the recommended temp? alt text

  • MatterHackers

    @Iguanaman This usually means that the hot end temperature is too low. Feel free to print with the Pro Series up to 230C and adjust down from there if necessary.

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