Printing Clear on MC and Pulse XE

  • Settings should be
    Petg clear
    Temps: 260/70 C
    Top and Bottom layers: 0 (works)
    Perimeters: 2 (works)
    fan: off (works)
    infill: lines (does not work) infill does criss cross so after 3 layer the print is already semi transparent, after that it just gets worse, doing concentric lines for infill is little better but trying to print 20x20mm cube it is not transparent.

    Is there a way to correct this so all infill lines would be parallel, I can do it in most other slicers and I have a profile for my other printers and they work fine.

  • Global Moderator

    Needs to be 100% infill. Lines should work, but you need to flatten the layers. You can use less heat with a copper nozzle.

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