How to Enable Linear Advance on the Pulse XE

  • Hey @tinken

    I know this has been asked before, but I'm having obvious linear advance issues with the Pulse (less so with the direct extruder but still noticeable). First-off, I tried and varied my LA from 0-2 and then from 0-100 and there was no difference in performance across both tests. It seem that M900 in the G-code does not work.

    I went through the PulseV1Firmware repository and found this in configuration_adv.h

    Line 1635:
    #define LIN_ADVANCE
    //#define EXTRA_LIN_ADVANCE_K // Enable for second linear advance constants
    #define LIN_ADVANCE_K 0.0 // Unit: mm compression per 1mm/s extruder speed
    //#define LA_DEBUG // If enabled, this will generate debug information output over USB.
    #define EXPERIMENTAL_SCURVE // Enable this option to permit S-Curve Acceleration

    According to setting K to 0 in the firmware disables linear advance (which could explain what I'm seeing).

    I suppose I have two questions:

    1. Is my interpretation correct and would removing this line from the firmware in fact enable M900 to function properly?
    2. Are there any guides on how to build the firmware for the pulse? The github repo is a bit spartan in that regard.

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