why I get thousands of feedrate?

  • Hi,

    I am very new here, also new to MH. I got some problem printing PETG recently, after I checked my gcode, I found the 'F' commands apears at almost every step, is it correct or possibly a bug?

    I paste couple lines for your reference, here 3.3k represents 55mm/s, 9k is 150mm/s, they are from my settings infill speed and travel speed:

    G1 X124.11 E2256.039 F3300
    G1 X123.89 Y97.2 F9000
    G1 X119.52 E2256.26 F3300
    G1 X119.73 Y96.8 F9000
    G1 X123.74 E2256.462 F3300
    G1 X123.64 Y96.4 F9000
    G1 X119.83 E2256.654 F3300
    G1 X119.85 Y96 F9000
    G1 X123.6 E2256.844 F3300
    G1 X123.61 Y95.6 F9000
    G1 X119.77 E2257.038 F3300
    G1 X119.6 Y95.2 F9000
    G1 X123.66 E2257.244 F3300
    G1 X123.77 Y94.8 F9000
    G1 X119.27 E2257.471 F3300
    G1 X118.67 Y94.4 F9000
    G1 X123.94 E2257.737 F3300
    G1 X124.17 Y94 F9000
    G1 X122.14 E2257.84 F3300
    G1 X122.88 Y93.6 F9000
    G1 X124.5 E2257.922 F3300
    G1 X124.98 Y93.2 F9000
    G1 X123.35 E2258.004 F3300
    G1 X123.68 Y92.8 F9000
    G1 X125.73 E2258.108 F3300
    G1 X123.92 Y92.4 F9000
    G1 X127.06 E2258.267 F3300
    G1 X130.2 E2258.426
    G1 X129.99 Y92 F9000
    G1 X127.04 E2258.575 F3300
    G1 X124.08 E2258.724
    G1 X124.19 Y91.6 F9000
    G1 X127.02 E2258.867 F3300
    G1 X129.85 E2259.01
    G1 X129.76 Y91.2 F9000
    G1 X127 E2259.15 F3300
    G1 X124.24 E2259.289
    G1 X124.25 Y90.8 F9000
    G1 X129.72 E2259.566 F3300

    I tried with various settings, and can't get ride of it.
    I checked my old gcode, they don't look like that, here is one example, the speed of travel is 120mm/s, so here we can see 7200

    G1 X80.56 Y119.64 E73.05
    G1 X80.16 Y119.51 E73.072
    G1 X79.79 Y119.31 E73.094
    G1 X79.47 Y119.04 E73.115
    G1 X79.38 Y118.94 E73.122
    G1 X79.21 Y118.72
    G1 E69.122 F3600
    G1 Z0.72
    G1 X78.59 Y117.51 F7200
    G1 X79.17 Y116.01
    G1 X79.87 Y112.7
    G1 X80.01 Y111.5
    G1 Z0.32
    G1 E73.122 F3600
    G1 X80 Y111.5 E73.123 F1800
    G1 X79.67 Y111.47 E73.14
    G1 X79.34 Y111.37 E73.157

    I tried with other tools, they don't switch F from like 3k to 9k very freqently,


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