Robo 3D R1+ how to pump up the heat?

  • I've been having trouble printing ABS on my Robo3D. No problems getting it to stick to the heated bed, but my parts print very weak. It cracks and layers can easily be pulled apart. I've trying to do some research in order to get better prints with ABS but most posts explain how the extrusion heat needs to be closer to 250c. Now whenever i try to print anything higher than 230c-235c, my printer stops mid auto-leveling and loses its heat. I've read that the firmware has some sort of safety where if the heat goes over a certain degree it stops printing? I think.

    Is there any way to get it to print at higher temps? To my understanding the Robo3D should be able to print with ABS but so far i've had no luck... I've messed around with most of the settings in order to get it to print ABS properly but no luck.

    Next thing ill try to do is cover my printer while it prints to make sure the ABS cools down evenly through out, and change the infill overlap to about .2 - .25mm.

    P.S. I'm currently trying to print with ABS on 235c extruder heat, and 80c for my heated bed. Fan is OFF. I lowered the Infill to about 25% but i really don't want to go any lower than that. Speed for printing is about 30 mm/s

  • You are correct that the printer will stop if the temperature rises above a certain level. To see if this is the case, open the G-Code terminal while printing (Options > Show Terminal) and look for any error messages.

    I don't know what Robo has set the firmware limit to, but the R1+ is equipped with the Hexagon all metal hot end so they should be good up to 300 C. If it is the firmware limit that's causing the problem, you will need to change the configuration. Here is a guide on modifying the firmware on the Robo. You will need to ask Robo for the firmware files, since they don't seem to publish them for the R1+.

  • Well i didn't get to do anything and now its printing at 260c without a problem.... thats weird. I did get the firmware from Robo3D but i didnt get to do anything else haha. I didnt even get to see the error from the terminal.

    Thanks for the help though. It definitely cleared up a lot of my questions and concerns. If it happens again in the future, then i know what to do in order to get it fixed :

  • Since it went away by itself, I would check, if sensor wires (end stop switches, temp sensor wires)and the hot end wires overlap. Maybe the current in the hot end wires causes some kind of interference with sensor signals.

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