Cannot scale individual axes using the pins or the middle text boxes

  • I've been using MatterControl for almost 2 years (V2.0), and it's been my go-to software for quick modeling.

    However.. recently I did an update.

    Now I can't grab and drag the corner/top pins (as I have always done) without the whole object scaling equally. If I edit the dimensions manually by clicking a pin and editing the middle grey block (as I have always done), it also scales all other dimensions to match.

    I have tried to select a single object and in the properties box go to scaling and changing 'lock proportion' to 'none', but then I can only affect the scaling by manually entering sizes into the boxes.

    Is there any control key that allows the 'unlocked' scaling, or a setting I have missed to turn it off? Otherwise I can't 'tweak' resize any more complicated multi-object models without fully merging them then using the properties box.


    Terry Young

  • Global Moderator

    I am on Linux at the moment, but I will hop over to Windows and test this out.

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    I can translate primitives, but not premade stl files. Try right clicking on the object, Modify>Translate>Transform. And click the apply button. See if it scales?

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