Need Help diagnosing print quality issues

  • Hi
    I recently bought a Pulse 3D and need some help calibrating my prints.
    Below are pictures of some test prints I’ve recently done. I thought my issues might be under extrusion / retraction related so I’ve played around with the temp settings as well as the retraction settings, but they all look pretty similar. The temp settings started at 260 (top left model) and went to 280 (top right model) and retraction went from 4.5 to 8.

    My current settings are as follows:
    filament: Pro Series nylon grey 1.75mm.
    Diameter 1.72mm (measured with calipers), Density 1.1
    Temp: 75 for bed and 260 for bondtech extruder with ruby nozzle
    No fan cooling. Printer is also enclosed.
    Retraction: Length on move 4.5mm, no Z-lift
    Layer: Height 0.2mm, first layer 0.2mm,
    Outer Surface: Perimeter 4mm, Top and Bottom 3mm
    Fill density is 30%
    Speed: Infill 30mm, Perimeters both inside and out 30mm
    Non-Print Moves: 150mm
    First Layer Speed: 25mm
    Slicer is Cura in Mattercontrol

    If anyone has suggestions on what I could do please let me know. Thanks.


  • add zlift 0.4 start at and add some more retraction like 10mm also on the first layer try starting first layer at 105% also do a extruder calibration mine was off by .3 over extruding I have a pulse xe I purchased about 2 weeks ago same dam problem
    here's a link for you

  • This post is deleted!

  • @trizz1964

    Hey Trizz
    Thanks for the help. I tried your recommended settings, but the prints seem to have gotten worse. I’m going to try to calibrate the Extruder, but can’t seem to pull the Bowden tube out from the Extruder like they show in the MatterHackers video. 0_1524964524892_2E4DABF2-4086-47D7-807A-70326A3F326D.jpeg

  • make sure the extruder is at temp 205-210 go into the control in matter control upper right corner turn on extruder for preheat. on the Bowden tube going into the extruder pull the little clip out its so small and black right on-top of the extruder under the fitting for the tube, then push the fitting down and pull out the Bowden tube, to do the extruder calibration at 100mm make sure to do about 4 lengths then average them out, cut the filament right at the end of the Bowden tube flush to the end then extrude the 100mm all calculations have to be done in the eeprom setting upper right corner E stands for extruder should be like 470 mine was after measuring the filament 472 so I inputted the new measurement of 468 if you need any info I'll be more than happy to try and assist you, as they say one hand washes the other..

  • also I just reread your first post my mistake on the temp I was thinking pla-pro 200-220 how have you made out with the removal of the Bowden tube?

  • @trizz1964

    I was able to get the bowden tube out and took 5 samples, 3 under extruded and 2 that measured slightly above 100mm. Will test everything hopefully Tuesday. Thanks for the help!

  • Hi James, how are your pla prints coming out? If good, would you mind telling me what settings you have changed from factory in Mattercontrol for PLA? Preferably build/standard series filament? TIA!

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