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  • I've spent the last few hours, without any success, on this site and on GitHub for an archive of previous versions of Matter Control. I have an old laptop running Windows Vista that I would like to put the software onto so that I can continue design work on while my PC is printing. I tried to install the current version (I was fairly sure it wouldn't work) but nothing happened. I at least thought I'd get some errors, but all I got was nothing. Is there a version that would work, and if so, where would I find it? TIA

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    You can find old version download links in the Release Notes.

    Hope that helps!

    Can you describe a bit about the machine you are trying to run it on? I would love to be able to get it going.

  • I did find the previous versions of Matter Control and started with 1.3.0 but got no response from the laptop after double clicking the executable. The laptop is an old HP Pavilion dv2500 dual processor X86 based pc. It will run Slic3r but not PrusaSlicer win32, it will run Pronterface 1.6.0 but nothing newer. My somewhat stock Ender-3 is currently connected to my fairly new HP 64-bit desktop pc. I love using MC and have been experimenting with PrusaSlicer, TinkerCAD and FreeCAD but I feel most comfortable with MC. When my desktop is tied up with a long print job I would like to be able to work on other designs, on the laptop, if I can get Matter Control to run. The last update of Windows Vista was in mid 2020 and it will not accept any more updates. I attempted to load Service Pack 1 but it would not download. Is Matter Control compatible with 32 bit PC's or does it even care?

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    It should run fine on a 32 bit machine. It does not need much HW acceleration (basic OpenGL) and it is build as a 32 or 64 bit binary in c#.

    I have seen it run on some older machines. One our guys here said he needed to manually download and install the latest .net and that worked for him.

    Here is a link that might help you get started.

    Good luck and I hope you can get it working. The new version has some great improvements to the design tools.

  • @larsbrubaker Thanks for the tip and the link, I'll let you know how it goes.

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