Printing Layers are missing

  • I have had no problems with previous versions and have been using Matter control for over 5 years on a Anet A8 with Perfect prints
    And now i have decided to buy an Enders 3V 2

    But this latest version as of todays date

    Seems to have a slicing problem in the Gcode, as when sliced it does not show any issues in the software
    but when printing and when it gets to about layer 40 the print gets a missing layer then carries on ok until about another 40 layers has passed and then missing layer then 10 layers ok then a few missing layers then rest of model ok
    oh it is about Z 180 layer model by Y 60 mm wide X 20mm

    The 3D printer im using is a brand new Enders3 V2 with the latest firmware

    I thought it may have have been my model, but it is fine when im using Ultimaker Curu and also when when printing a small X Y Z test models they come out perfect. but it seems to happens when doing larger models
    I print with 100% infills all the time with speed at 35 using & using Esun PLA+ Temp 218 and bed at 50

    so i'm wondering if any one else is getting the same problem

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    @spudnick1uk When you slice your file, make sure the slider is all the way up before you export your gcode.

  • Thank i will check and see when i give it a try .
    I do normally always make sure the slider is at the bottom.

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