PRO PLA issues with under-extrusion, layer adhesion.

  • I have tried to standardize my filaments in order to reduce variability in what should be the same material. Each brand seems to behave differently. I landed on Matter Hackers PRO PLA because it has a lot of colors and availability does not seem to be an issue. However, I cannot find the sweet spot for this material.

    I have a BCN3D Sigmax R19 with E3D V6 nozzlex high temp nozzles that print PLA and NylonX perfectly. PRO PLA fails in layer adhesion and does a terrible job with the infill. It looks like under-extrusion. I have done everything i can think of and burned up a half roll of this stuff. I opened a second roll to be sure it wasn't just a bad roll. But the same behavior in both.

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